This is your one-stop location for all scheduling and reservation processes on the Colorado School of Mines campus. 

Tip: Before scheduling your event, check the main campus calendar for competing events.

Academic Room Reservations include all rooms located in academic buildings that are typically used in academic coursework. They range from 20-250 seats in size and are typically set in a classroom style with seats facing the front of the room. Rooms in the Center for Technology and Learning Media typically contain 20-30 computers. The majority of these spaces are not customizable.

Campuswide Rooms

CTLM Rooms

Non-Academic Room Reservations include rooms located in non-academic buildings (Student Center, Rec Center, and some of the non-academic rooms in the Green Center). These rooms are typically customizable in their setup and range from approximately 30-1,100 in seating capacity.

Student Center Rooms

Rec Center Rooms

Green Center Rooms

Outdoor Space Reservations include areas such as Maple Plaza, Stratton Commons, and the North and South IM Fields. 

Maple Plaza or Stratton Commons

Intramural Fields

To reserve Athletic Facilities including our fields, Volk Gymnasium, or Steinhauer Field House, please contact Charles O’Dell at or 303-384-2254.

To reserve the General Research Laboratory (GRL) Conference Room 201, please contact Julie Coakley at or 303-273-3327.
To reserve the Geology Museum (campus organizations only) please contact Bruce Geller at 303-273-3823. For more information on the Museum please visit:

Mothers/Wellness Room includes access to rooms in Student Center, Hill Hall & Welcome Center.

















































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